Like a John – The Commander John Shepard tribute song

mass effect 3 parody song

First things first- this does video does contain Mass Effect 3 spoilers so be warned! 

Given the launch of EA’s Mass Effect 3 on the 6th March in North America and the 9th elsewhere, it felt appropriate to have a Commander Shepard theme. For those who aren’t Mass Effect savvy, this game marks the end of one of the greatest video game sagas and to celebrate the occasion, Random Encounters have produced a hilarious parody video all about the main character of the Mass Effect series- Commander John Shepard.

The beauty of the Mass Effect games is that your actions have consequences and so you start to gain a reputation, either as a hero or an evil-doer (renegade). Needless to say, the Random Encounters team have focused more on the evil side of Commander Shepard, with an hilarious outcome!


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