Hear a sample of Mass Effect 3’s soundtrack

The Mass Effect series has always been known for its amazing music. From the synth-heavy score of the first Mass Effect to the moving orchestral pieces of Mass Effect 2, no soundtrack has done the sci-fi style better.

However, fans of ME‘s music became worried with the announcement that composer Jack Wall would not be working on the score for Mass Effect 3, leaving composers Clint Mansell, Sam Hulick, Cris Velasco, Christopher Lennertz and Sasha Dikiciyan to overtake the project. Not a bad list of composers, but of course the question remains – how will the score compare to the previous two, and will too many composers muddle the soundtrack?

Sam Hulick hopes to dispel any doubt, though, who teased this sample track from ME 3‘s score on his Twitter feed today. Simply titled “Mars Combat”, this track seems to indicate that the ME 3 soundtrack will be a throwback to the first ME‘s score, with more heavy synthesizers and less orchestral movements. This also falls in line with the “Creation Menu Theme” sample, teased earlier by Sasha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco.

The entire Mass Effect 3 soundtrack will be available digitally to anyone who purchases the collector’s edition of the game, and as with the previous ME soundtracks, will most likely be available as a stand-alone soundtrack through most digital music outlets.


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